Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm baaaack!!!

Sorry everyone for being gone for so long!
I'm still alive but I've let the blog lurk un-updated for months. Well no more!!!
I'm going to challenge myself to update at lest once a week. So keep dropping by to look for new goodies.
Theres going to be more going on here then just yarn bombing (still a lot though ;) ).
But going to make this more a normal blog about what random things are out there.
If nothing else i going to work at making this thing fun to read.

Oh! Almost forgot! Along with the updates, new kind of posts and etc. There are going to be some GIVEAWAYS!!!!
Craft Supply's, Random stuff, Old school patterns. :)
etc, etc :)

So a lot to come. :) And open to ideas so feel free to post here or find me on face book. (yarnbomb genny or

In randomness and yarn, YBGenny


  1. And yes I did draw the yarn ball on the milk carton. ^_^;

  2. Love the drawing and look forward to your posts and "specials"...