Sunday, September 26, 2010

On to Oregon!

Desided to go on a trip down to oregon to be apart of my mom's birthday.
I also desided to see if I could get away with comming down without her knowing.

How did it go? Well didnt giver her a heart attack ^-^; but got away with it, she had no idea. :)

Desided to come down by train (which means 2:45am take off).

Love Love Love to ride the train.

Full moon lit all the round clouds and the hill sides and farms glowed with moon light. It was a lovly trip down.
Something I learned around 5am is that I can knit, drop a stich, pick it up, count and move on. In almost complete darkness and with need be, by cell light (held under my chin).

By mornings first light the Gorge was just awesome. ---> took some pics with my new cell phone.

Into the hill, pass the grasslands, to the gorge, on to portland then down the valley. Got here safe and sound. Now, on to my mothers birthday and a steam engine to yarn storm. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dino Leg Parking Meter Tag :)

I taged this out side of Merlins who, with their neighboring stores, are throwing a street fair and i desided to dressup one of the parking meters.

p.s. i asked first ^^ thank you guys for saying yes haha!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Flowers update

I desided to play with the flower idea. I'm going to make pompoms and use them like flowers. 
After playing with it the fact that they look like Horton's puff hit me.

I hope to start planting them tonight. :) hope to have pics. If anyone would like to come let me know :)


 Found this parking meter on

I so want to make this! I guess its in Vancouver’s Chinatown.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flowers tags

I've desided to make crochet flowers and stick them into gardens. They will look a little the ones in the pics here, ^-^ i'll post them when i get them done. Send me aline if you would like to help me spread them :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love this site :P

you can use the tools on this site to make your own graffiti looking tags!

Operation Sky Art

It hit me that there was a way to take yarnbombing to the skys.

Take a balloon, crochet/knit something small, make a tag. Attached them all together and let go.

So "Operation Sky Art" was born. 

Got 5 balloons (3 lime, 1 amethyst and 1 magenta), made a bunch of crochet flowers, printed up some tags that had my tag name and explaned what was going on. And asked if found to let me know by email or facebook.

I don't know if i'll hear anything back but still I had fun and I love the whimsy of it.