Monday, October 10, 2011

Photos from International Yarn Bomb Day

This year as alot of you know was the first International Yarn Bomb Day.
I realized that I never shared photos from it on here. So here are some of mine.
Made up a mess of masks and pompoms and headed downtown.

(theres a pompom on the door knob)

There where others in town. Some I have been able to tack down some I havnt. One bomber or bombers I want to find out more about is who did the tree sweater downtown with the scarfs.

Love this idea, its a little book to sign in.

I found this bit of awesomeness wile looking for more statues. Saw a bright bit of color as I was going up a little hill. Even from that far away I knew what it was and took off running. xD
Its the first tree sweater/cozy I've seen in town that I didnt put up.

There where other yarn bombs, but in different parts of town.

OH! In other news, a friend of mine that loves to yarn bomb moved back to town. Things should be getting more colorful. >:)