Sunday, August 19, 2012

Return from a forced break

Greetings everyone! Great news, we got our laptop back (long story) and have internet again so I'll be able to update my Blog.

 Hope everyones summer is going ok.

Lets see, I have about 6 months + of stuff to update you on.

Things like this years Birthday Yarn Crawl back in Jan.

Helping with a project in the UK back in June. Which was awesome, beautiful and somehow starting a battle of loving locals vs city council people. (look mom I must really be an artist now, I helped start a riot...)

Exciting news involving me on news stands. (woot!!!!)

And random updates, patterns, and lord knows what.

I'll be posting updates throughout the day. Hoping to get you all updated for the most part by midnight tonight. Thank you all for checking out my blog!

YBGenny :)