Friday, January 31, 2014

First fibers.

 I've been hard at work trying to practice my spinning skills. Which I haven't used in a year.

Theres nothing like the cravings to spin as a deprived spinner with a new free wheel and NO FIBER.

Everything was in storage and had to wait a few days to find a ride over.

I was able to find a fluff in with my yarn. It was mostly felted and almost completely unusable. But I worked at it and this is what I got.

I spun it without the tension on. (still had to put that together and who has time for that)
Then plied it --->
Despite all it came out quite well.

After a few days I went to storage and got the rest of my fiber and got to work.
Once again spun without the tension on.

Then plied that, and made fingerless gloves. ^_^
Uneven, and a bit lumpy, but wonderful.

Part of the challenge is finding ways of taking care of what needs to be done without the tools I lost in the move.

 Behold! Setting the twist!

Fiber Macgyver time! Using bottles of body wash as weights.

It ended up though I needed more weight.
So added a towel and Mr. Timer Frog.
Which made once of my nieces day when she found him swinging on my yarn.

And here is how my last bit of spinning turned out. :)

The black came out a little uneven but the red/pink came out really nice.

The kinks in the wheel have been worked out and works like a dream. :)
Now if the yarn is messed up I know its spinner oops and not the wheel. So I need to just keep practicing.

Stay crafty everyone!


Found a free spinning wheel!

Some of you who witness my ramblings on facebook already know this, but my sister found something amazing.
I came home to find her waiting for me. She had spotted a free spinning wheel on Craigslist and wondered if I would like it. I started flapping my arms around freaking out. (guess thats my way of saying yes...)

She said that the guy giving it away said that it had a few issues, and he didn't know if it worked or not.

I replied that regardless I wanted it. (keeping fingers crossed though)

And somehow we got it! BEHOLD!

It did have some issues. But I was able to "Fiber Macgyver" things together.
I've made a drive cord out of some cotton yarn.
And was able to find bolts and washers for everything else.

I decided to not sand down where someones puppy chewed on it. Oh well. ^_^ just part of the charm. haha.

It took about a week of testing and then testing again but its finished!

And it seems to do a really fine job.

And the only times that the yarn isn't working out isn't because of the wheel. It's the spinner... (getting there but yeah my yarn is still a bit uneven)

Keep crafty folks!


Monday, December 30, 2013


Ok looking around and making sure things have settled down some.

Alright, as you noticed I havn't been on here for a long time.

Life fell apart and we lost the apartment and switched states and yeah... Madness

I guess it doesn't help that I deleted my folder that had my passwords and such. Oh well back now.

I'll be posting again and if I don't feel free to let me know that I'm missed on facebook. :)

Hoping to a bright day a head and things being a little more even.
But regardless I'm back.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Return from a forced break

Greetings everyone! Great news, we got our laptop back (long story) and have internet again so I'll be able to update my Blog.

 Hope everyones summer is going ok.

Lets see, I have about 6 months + of stuff to update you on.

Things like this years Birthday Yarn Crawl back in Jan.

Helping with a project in the UK back in June. Which was awesome, beautiful and somehow starting a battle of loving locals vs city council people. (look mom I must really be an artist now, I helped start a riot...)

Exciting news involving me on news stands. (woot!!!!)

And random updates, patterns, and lord knows what.

I'll be posting updates throughout the day. Hoping to get you all updated for the most part by midnight tonight. Thank you all for checking out my blog!

YBGenny :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photos from International Yarn Bomb Day

This year as alot of you know was the first International Yarn Bomb Day.
I realized that I never shared photos from it on here. So here are some of mine.
Made up a mess of masks and pompoms and headed downtown.

(theres a pompom on the door knob)

There where others in town. Some I have been able to tack down some I havnt. One bomber or bombers I want to find out more about is who did the tree sweater downtown with the scarfs.

Love this idea, its a little book to sign in.

I found this bit of awesomeness wile looking for more statues. Saw a bright bit of color as I was going up a little hill. Even from that far away I knew what it was and took off running. xD
Its the first tree sweater/cozy I've seen in town that I didnt put up.

There where other yarn bombs, but in different parts of town.

OH! In other news, a friend of mine that loves to yarn bomb moved back to town. Things should be getting more colorful. >:)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

1st Contest is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the names are in a hat.
Drum roll please.
Ok the name i pulled out is Jen! Congrats!!!!!!
I'll contact you and ship your new babys to you as soon as I can. :D

To everyone who took part thank you so much! Remember even if you didnt win first place i may randomly contact one of you guys and send you a random itty bunny. :)

I'll have more contests in the future. So keep checking back here, twitter and facebook for more info.

And if theres anything you guys think will make a fun giveaway feel free to post your ideas. (books, yarn, random dolls)

Hope you all had fun with this, :)
I know I had a hoot!

In randomness and yarn,

Sunday, August 28, 2011

1st giveaway!

I've reached 25 followers!!! So true to my word LETS START THE GIVE AWAY!!!!!
The prize is........
Itty bitty bunnies! :) The prize is 3 tiny bunnys!
Post your name, and email or just some way 
to contact you if you win.
On Friday I'll write the names down and put them in a hat and post the results. :D
Open to everyone, international too!
Im covering shipping!!!
Let the games begin!!!!!