Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Birthday yarn bomb photos!

Here are the photos from my late night yarn bombing party! :D
As others around the world were out making their towns more colorful, me and a friend (plus one friend she kid napped) spent our time being what we are... weird :D

The order of my hits!

Birthday @ 4:30.
     Hanging out at Hearth and yarn bombed a lamp.

After a thing of coffee @ Atticus went to game night then ran off with a friend to go on her first yarn bombing party :D
(oh and her friend she kidnapped, hes behind the tree hiding from the camera)

10:30 ish11ish, something ish
River Front Park, The Runners

Thank you Spokane for having such awesome random public art work. And to the guy who made the runners thank you too, you made my birthday fun. xD
All the running statues are naked, at lest this one isn't anymore.

Love this shot
Had a little helper with a spiffy hat

First tree cozy woohoo!

you will see this blue thing later

Size 50 knitting needles + birthday yarn party = no more pink yarn in my apartment! yes!!

Last one of the night.

The smoke is from us breathing in the cold cold air... or the thing is haunted
After the fun in the park we left and dropped off her poor friend that had to put up with us and we went to a market to grab some snacks and I had to do a special yarn tag.

In the mess of photos I've gotten from around the world one set i thought was funny were the ones of the apple, pear and potato wearing hats. (look at the post before this to see photos)

So in honor of them I give you bananas with scarf!

Thank you so much to Flora Nora for spending my birthday with me and for thinking of
bringing your camera! 

And thank you everyone that took part or are still taking part (sillys) !!!!!

(what do you all think anyway, please comment)

As aways, in randomness and yarn
YarnBomb Genny :)

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  1. Just found you here missy! LOVE the yarn bombings- just awesome! Looks like a fun birthday- smooches from the sheeps! san