Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grandma's Beads

Lookie! My Mom gave me something awesome that was my grandmothers. These beads came from my dad's mom. (oh why does such a crazy lady have to have such mad skills, maybe i can find that photo of her at her pipe organ she rebuilt)
Like a lot of things in life. This starts with one thing and ends with something else. Takes a sec to explain.  :)

First it started with a baby. Then family going and seeing the baby.
To explain something first, my family is spread over 3 states. We are in Washington, Bro is in Oklahoma and Sis, Mum and the rest are in Oregon.

Everyone in Oregon made plans to see the baby in Oklahoma. We couldnt... (poor)
A few weeks before them heading out I got a call asking if the trip was payed for would we come down to cat sit for my sister. It was Mom, feeling bad about us not being able to go but knowing someone was needed to watch a small army of kittys.

During the call she said that she found some of grandma's beads. Which at the time I thought she was talking about the weird plastic ones she had later in life. In any case Mom said she wanted me to have them. In truth I wasn't so sure I wanted them... In a nutshell I was thinking of the wrong beads.

The  night before they left Mom came to me and left on the table two bags, a small coffee can and a old old candy box. She made a comment that I should wait until after they left so I could have some time to enjoy them.

I walked over and looked. I opened up the box and knew right away what i was looking at. In these bags, candy tin and can, where the old glass beads I wasn't allowed to handle when I was a child. 99% of these are over 70 plus years old.

I opened the containers, like they would break with just a touch. Opening little bags and looking at the skill that went into these things.  One bag held necklaces, and an other held beaded leaves.

What was in the candy tin.
No idea how long it took to make some of this stuff.

One of the craziest things she ever made where her beaded purses.

 Im really excited to get these things. And dont worry all my feelings aren't hurt from getting to see the baby yet. If things work out we may get to go at Christmas time. Which between you and me gives me more time to finish gifts. :)

In yarn, randomness and this time, awesome beads.


  1. What an amazing AMAZING gift!! WOW! How exciting! I'm so happy for you :)

  2. Awesome craftsters must run in the family.
    That is a wonderful gift!

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