Friday, January 31, 2014

Found a free spinning wheel!

Some of you who witness my ramblings on facebook already know this, but my sister found something amazing.
I came home to find her waiting for me. She had spotted a free spinning wheel on Craigslist and wondered if I would like it. I started flapping my arms around freaking out. (guess thats my way of saying yes...)

She said that the guy giving it away said that it had a few issues, and he didn't know if it worked or not.

I replied that regardless I wanted it. (keeping fingers crossed though)

And somehow we got it! BEHOLD!

It did have some issues. But I was able to "Fiber Macgyver" things together.
I've made a drive cord out of some cotton yarn.
And was able to find bolts and washers for everything else.

I decided to not sand down where someones puppy chewed on it. Oh well. ^_^ just part of the charm. haha.

It took about a week of testing and then testing again but its finished!

And it seems to do a really fine job.

And the only times that the yarn isn't working out isn't because of the wheel. It's the spinner... (getting there but yeah my yarn is still a bit uneven)

Keep crafty folks!


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