Monday, October 4, 2010

Project: How to make a huge pompom.

I've made a huge pompom for a tag I'm getting ready to do. And I thought I would share how to do it just in case you ever need to make a HUGE pompom. :)

(massive pompom over a foot wide)

1. Get your stuff. In order to make this your going to need a flat box (like the one shown), chair back or something you can wrap the yarn around. And a lot of yarn, you can do this with one strand of yarn, but I can't see that ending well. I used 3 white, 1 purple, 1 black (and later added 1 green).Even with 6 things of yarn it took a wile but its worth it I think. :) (BTW needless to say, measure your box across were your going to be wrapping this will be about how wide it's going to be. Be warned the bigger, the more time your stuck wrapping. Just saying...) And heavy duty scissors.

2. Pull yarn from the center of the skein, which helps keep the skeins and keeps the chances of tangles down some. Hold your strands on your box (or whatever) until you have wrapped over them so much they no longer move. 

3. Keep wrapping until you got it as big as you feel need it.

3.When you get it to the size you need (remember too big is better then too small). Cut your yarn. Then cut two pieces of yarn. Slide your hand between the box (board, chair back, etc.) take a strand of yarn pull it threw and then take both ends and tie them a few good times. Repeat this on other side. This is to keep your pompom from falling apart when your sliding it off your box (or whatever).

5. Remove yarn from box (etc). This is about the time you can start to marvel at how much yarn is in this thing. Anyway, Take more yarn and tie it around the middle about were the other ties were made. If you chose to keep them long so that you can tie them to something make sure you mark them somehow.
WARNING!: TIE it well!!! Tie it like your house will fall around you if you don't have this chunk of yarn tied down! Anyone who has made small pompoms can tell you what happens when you make slipknot on a pompom. POOF!!! And with a normal one, they send 100's if not 1000's of little bits of yarn everywhere when they fall apart. think what a 2 lb + will do!

6. After making sure you got everything the way you want it. Grab your scissors and start on one side and start cutting loops. Your now 1/2 way there. Feel free to wear it as a hat before you get to work on the other side.

 7. enjoy. you can cut the sides down and make it more round if you like or leave it shaggy (like mine) which makes it look like a possessed fry kid from McDonald's. 

With randomness and Yarn,
YB Genny

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